Thank you, my editor!

I’m slowly working on a new story, but have to set it aside for my first editing pass on my upcoming ebook. I have to admit, the experience is quite humbling. My anxiety spiked through the roof at the number of changes my editor gave me. It made everything so much more REAL. After I got over the first wave of panic, I started working my way, chapter by chapter. My editor, Alicia, has done a wonderful job, fine tuning my ideas and cleaning up my errors. She’s made a great effort to  keep from overriding my voice and the story is starting to shine.

Most edits are obvious (although several passes of my own eyes left them intact) and she pointed out a number of contradictions that needed to be addressed. The worst was the comment “I don’t understand what you mean here.” I read the passage myself more than once and had to say, “I don’t either.” **delete, delete, delete**

This is exactly what the process is for!

This is teaching me how to be succinct and tell my story and I hope the effort passes along into my future works. As unnerving as the process can be, it will be worth the effort if improves my writing skills. I never thought I’d get to this part, being published seemed so unlikely. I am so glad I went through with it. Hopefully, this is the beginning of something wonderful.

Don’t worry, Alicia will hear all of this and more once I finish and send them back. I’ll be waiting anxiously for the second round, and thanking her for all her work. She shouldn’t have to work so hard. LOL

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