Another stage of the publishing process done!

My second round of edits was completed the other day. That means all the major revision is finished with only a round of proofreading and formatting to go. (If I’ve read the timeline correctly from WIP.) The excitement level has yet to diminish because I still have moments where I feel like it isn’t actually happening.

My first ebook is coming out…

I have to keep repeating that to myself some days. The release date isn’t set in stone yet, but I’ll be sure to scream from the rooftops and anyone’s ear that will listen once it is.

I wasn’t expecting to take this route when I first started sharing on, but I have plans now. Here’s an idea of what kind of insanity I heap upon myself.

– Upcoming ebook to be published in the spring

– At least two new novel length stories in the works or planned.

– If the first ebook is successful, there are sequels to be revised and prepared. (2 so far!)

– Prepping for at least three ceramic art shows this year, preferably 5.

On top of this, I work full time, am currently the Acting Director of the pottery studio I am a member of and have a 16 year and counting relationship to find time for. It appears I’m a glutton for punishment, or a mentally unstable creative person waiting for a meltdown. I guess everyone should hang on for the ride and see how it all pans out. I’m curious myself.

Even so, I can’t wait. It’s a new stage of my life and every step I take reminds me it was a leap of faith that is so worth it. I’m going to have a lot of people to thank.

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