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Title: Surfacing

Author: A.L. Bates

Series: The Ariel Series, Book Two

Genre: Gay Romance, Science Fiction

Length: Novella

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


A few weeks following the events that concluded DEEP, Book One: The Ariel Series, Captain Joel Riley is struggling to adjust to his new relationship with his medic, Sean, and when a face from Sean’s past sets out to destroy Joel and his ship, Joel faces an impossible decision: Sean or Ariel.

Sensing Joel’s dilemma, Sean makes the decision to leave. He does so knowing he must confront his past and the abuse he suffered. Subjected to the same trauma again, this time at the hands of his brother, he uses the strength Joel taught him to take his future into his own hands.

For Joel, life without Sean proves unbearable and he comes to the realization that he needs more than just his ship. He sets out to bring Sean back… whatever the cost.

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“You brought me coffee,” Sean said, to try to break the tension.

Joel ran his hands through his hair. “Yeah, I figured you might need something to kickstart your day.”

“Thanks,” Sean said, wondering if he should put his arms around Joel, or kiss him. This was his workplace and, although they’d had one encounter there, he didn’t feel it was appropriate to fool around where people could see them. From the tension in Joel’s shoulders he could see the captain felt the same.

“So, we’re gonna be surfacing in six hours.” Joel coughed, clearing his throat. “If you wanted to come up to the cockpit after shift, there should be a night sky and stars and things….”

It took Sean a second to realize he was being asked on a date. It took him even longer to believe it was Joel asking him. They’d been sleeping together for two weeks, but the moments were snatched, private, sex-fueled. An evening together—talking—was going to be totally new.

“Sorry, it was a stupid idea—” Joel started.

Sean grabbed his hand. Joel was trying, and he should show willingness and enthusiasm for the effort at least. “No. It just…. I’d like that. I really would; thank you for asking.”

Joel let out a relieved sigh and ran his hands through his hair again. “Good, that’s good. I better get back to captainy things, then.” He turned, knocking his hip on the cabinet.

“Ow. I’m okay. I’m okay.”

Sean smiled. He’d never seen Joel flustered before, at least not in a cute way. The captain’s sudden vulnerability gave Sean a surge of confidence. “Joel,” he said, picking up the second cup. “You forgot your coffee.”


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Deep AL BatesFleeing from a troubled past that left him feeling tarnished and used, Sean finds work as a medic aboard the deep sea mining ship Ariel, on a distant planet.

Under the leader ship of the infuriating, yet charismatic, Captain Joel Riley, Sean settles into his simple, but dangerous, new life. It’s a life he soon comes to love; albeit one in which he conceals his sexuality and avoids intimacy.

But Sean’s new world is turned on its head when an old face threatens to expose him for the man he used to be.

With Joel’s help, will Sean learn to come to terms with his past and become a man he can be proud of?

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About the author

A.L. BATES has a keen interest in Sci-fi and adventure novels and enjoys writing stories with strong characters in imaginative backgrounds. Although an avid writer, Deep is the first published novella by A.L. Bates.

A.L. Bates can be found on Facebook:

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