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Now continuing our our tale… how will Nathan’s visit to the doctor go?

We’re ready to resume our story of Nathan Valencus and his odious marriage to Lord Rother Marsh Delaga III. We’re going to pick up where we left off, but if you missed Part One you can catch up on the link below which will take you to the story page on Gay where it’s hosted:

Click Here for access to Innocence & Carnality Part One

As much fun as doing the weekly Wednesday Briefs posting for Part One, the 1k word limit per week was working against me. Given it’s size, I decided I was too impatient to share Part Two. So each Wednesday I will share a preview of each chapter along with the link to the full chapter on Gay Authors.

So off to Ch. 2!

Ch. 2

Reserved for the lower classes, and highly frowned upon, it was no secret the Victorian elite never set foot inside of a doctor’s office. Physicians were scorned by the apothecarian profession who continued catering to noblemen and royalty even as the medical field flourished in the wake of the Victorian plague before I was born.

I never understood the appeal of the antiquated profession.

On closer study, it made little sense to make such religious use of men whose skills were part alchemist and part tribal medicine man. Steeped in the past, apothecarians balked at any attempt towards innovation to their craft. It was common knowledge they wielded enough ability to be useful, but their social status is what kept us at their doorstep. The Monarchy’s fanatical attachment to apothecary traditions spilled down to those houses who wanted to remain in his royal good graces.

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