Innocence & Carnality Part Two – Ch. 4 #mmromance #freereads #steampunk #lgbtbooks


Nathan starts to forge a plan…

We’re ready to resume our story of Nathan Valencus and his odious marriage to Lord Rother Marsh Delaga III. We’re going to pick up where we left off, but if you missed Part One you can catch up on the link below which will take you to the story page on Gay where it’s hosted:

Click Here for access to Innocence & Carnality Part One

As much fun as doing the weekly Wednesday Briefs posting for Part One, the 1k word limit per week was working against me. Given it’s size, I decided I was too impatient to share Part Two. So each Wednesday I will share a preview of each chapter along with the link to the full chapter on Gay Authors.

Now… Ch. 4

Ch. 4

I gave a dirty look to the music box. Before long, I would need to open it up again and try to diagnose the malfunction and not kick the monstrosity over as I was tempted. The only thought stopping me was the vast amount of additional work to repair if I did. With my luck, it would shatter into an unrecognizable heap of parts.

Last night, Rother offered me the chance to hire someone to fix the machine, but I declined. Clockwork was my niche, my special skill that set me apart from the dull Victorian noble horde. Part craft and part inventive puzzle, the work kept me grounded while my family undermined me. In this instance, quitting was not an option. There was no quarter for compromise, only success. In my own way, I had as much pride as Rother.

The mantle clock’s graceful chime mocked me with its notes. I’d repaired it months ago and it performed without flaws. It also told me I was late for brunch.

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Start Innocence & Carnality Part Two from Ch. 1

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