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What happens now? Continue for the final chapter!

Yes, it’s true. After all this time, Innocence & Carnality is coming to an end. What an amazing journey this has been. I couldn’t wait to share the last chapter after Wednesday’s exciting finale, so I’m posting the end early. I hope you don’t mind. (I didn’t think anyone would be upset.) Over a year and a half has passed since the very first installment of Part One was shared. It’s my longest story to date, and one I’m so very proud of.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as well.

Remember, if you missed Part One you can catch up on the link below which will take you to the story page on Gay where it’s hosted:

Click Here for access to Innocence & Carnality Part One

I’d love to thank the flash fiction group Wednesday Briefs for giving me a forum and push to help me get this started. Without them, I might not have gathered my nerve and finally pushed this story out of the aether.

Chapter 16 starts here…

Ch. 16

Love was a convoluted subject for me.

In public, my parents used to bandy about polite professions of adoration as was expected during gentile events. Soirees crowded shoulder to shoulder with affluent rivals while being serenaded by what passed as musical geniuses. Holding court while performing the proper dance at the Summer’s Grande Ball. I imagine their wedding was full of noble exultations of courtly praise and binding emotions.

It was a shame I bore witness to their lives in private.

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