Update: Book reports and WIPs

Hello everyone!

If you’ve noticed things have changed a little bit on my blog and ebook selling sites. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances on the part of my publisher, Wayward Ink, forcing them to close their doors. This has effectively canceled all my contracts, and all rights for my series of ebooks have reverted to me. I am saddened by this because I had hoped to form a solid relationship with Wayward Ink that would be mutually beneficial for us both. However, ’twas not to be.

While in some ways it’s nice to have total control over my work again, the awkward part is that I’m unprepared to have no stories to sell. I’m not about to rush something out and force a story out into the world that isn’t ready. That benefits no one. Yes, I could self-publish my books again, but my current workload (on and off writing) is a little stressful right now to split my attention that much further on marketing a second edition. And to be honest, I’m really bad at that kind of stuff. (What? A creative person who lacks marketing skills? What madness!)

With a little research, I discovered some options to re-submit these books to another publisher. I revised all three books and sent them in a few weeks ago. So right now I am in wait to see where we go from here. Who knows? If they don’t take the series, I may self-pub them after all. The Ship Logs of the Santa Claus will rise again one way or another.


In the meantime my free stories can be found on Gay Authors. There’s a link in the header as well.

I am working on a short story, hopefully to be included in an upcoming anthology and revising my novel Innocence & Carnality for future publication. Once I can get those under control, I have a choice of a few WIPs to choose from for my next venture.

Wish me luck!

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